We Need Classics


Photo by Masterpieces

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer & Photographer

We need classic books to help us discover past cultures, learn important life and to help teach us important literary devices.

We do we need disputable books like Tom Sawyer, and To Kill A Mockingbird? The answer to this is highly debatable, but these books are part of our history. Books help us travel to unseen or unknown words and help us learn who we are and what we stand for.

In reality, these books are part of history. They teach us about what times were like before we were alive and taunt us with how different life was before we were alive. In these books full of history we also learn about some of the literary devices used in these books no matter how dark or immoral they may seem we need to stay aware of them. They help us develop morals and they teach us lessons and help us know who we are.

An article titled “Classic Works of Literature Still Have a Place in Today’s Classrooms” by Sally Law an English teacher said, “Through literature, we can visit cultures impossible for us to experience ourselves. From our reading, we can begin to understand what it must have been like to live in a particular time, under certain conditions, in different parts of the world.” These books let us experience a world very different from our own. They make us more culturally aware and can teach us important lessons and skills. Classic works of literature are taught and often favored by teachers. History and English go hand in hand, it is great that through classics both can work together to get a point across and educate in more than one way.

According to Gabe Brown, a senior at Bingham, “They [classical pieces of literature] give people a chance to learn about social issues, history, different cultures, human nature, and other important topics. They are often exceptional pieces of literature.” Classic works help us to experience history while teaching us important aspects of English.

Classic literature is necessary and very important. Whether or not you think you think it is important, it will help you be more culturally aware, teach you what life was like before you were alive and it teaches you important things you need to know about English. We need classic books.