RIP Warped Tour


Photo by Max Pixel

Aubrey Tanner, Staff Writer

Warped Tour put on by Vans is having their last continental run this year and many of us are all still mourning, yet we’re stoked for Warped Tour at the same time.

The Vans Warped tour has been going on for 24 years, touring all over all over the U.S. Many bands only started to get big because of Warped Tour, from the classic sound of Blink-
182 to the ever-changing fun sounds of Paramore. Kevin Lyman, the founder of Vans Warped Tour, said, “Today, with many mixed feelings, I am here to announce that next year will be the final, full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour,” This was posted on the official Warped Tour Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Now, if you’re anything like me you probably cried for a good amount of time. Then had to text all your friends and have a long moment of silence; followed by angry sad texts hoping that it’s all a sick prank.

Don’t despair for too long though. Tickets are on sale, and the bands are going to be amazing, and remind you of your early 2000’s life when punk music was actually “cool.” Vans Warped tour travels the continental U.S. putting on shows and bringing people together. On the Vans Warped Tour website, their tour in Utah is at the USANA amphitheater on Saturday, June 30th.

Get excited because some of the great bands that are coming are; 3OH!3, Bowling for Soup, Black Veil Brides, Taking Back Sunday, The Used and so many more. Bailey Green, a sophomore here at Bingham, said, “I’m sad to see Warped Tour go. Warped Tour was a place people could go to be themselves.” Warped Tour attracts many diverse people from all over the country. This music festival has been bringing the community together for years. According to Lyman, “What has always made me proud was when I read that Warped Tour was the most diverse show of the summer.”