Crazy Hype for Crazy Rich Asians

Viri Alfonso, Copy Editor

With summer’s end and school glaring straight ahead, the movie everyone was waiting for finally dropped: Crazy Rich Asians. Although it dropped on the 15th of August, it definitely has a summer feel to it.

Based on the book by Kevin Kwan, the movie revolves around Rachel Chu, her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young, and an unplanned trip to Singapore. Turns out, he’s extremely wealthy, and now she’s thrown into the mix of his luxurious and overwhelming life. There’s family drama, a magical wedding, and, well, crazy rich Asians.

The movie received a lot of attention even before it was released, especially for being the first movie to have an all Asian cast in about twenty five years. A lot of people find that fascinating, especially because they feel personally touched by this creation. In a Washington Post article written by Allyson Chiu, she talks about how uplifted she felt just from having a female Asian as the lead: “While watching the trailer, I experienced something new. I looked at Rachel, played by Asian American actress Constance Wu of ABC’s ‘Fresh Off the Boat,’ and completely related to her.” She is not alone in this feeling. Y Nguyen, a Vietnamese college student, felt “happy to see Asian representation in a big Hollywood movie.” This representation is a big deal, and it’s not just about them sharing the same appearance. It’s about being able to relate to the character, as well.

Positive reviews and commentary aren’t the only things people are giving. There is talk about people not being satisfied with just an all Asian cast. They want more than another smart or pretty Asian. They are justified in their wants, but they are missing the point of the movie. The characters are complex, flawed, and sometimes as irrational as you and me. They are human, and their portrayal of their culture mixed with that of an Americans is a sight to see. It’s a refreshing movie, and much needed in these times. The disbelievers are part of the minority, however. With a total of $136 million domestic only, the movie is the highest grossing romantic comedy movie in nine years, according to Forbes. I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves, and let you decide whether or not you will add that to your list of movies to watch.