Marching Band: More than just Football Games

Alida Cummings, News Editor

Bingham High School’s marching band wrapped up a competitive and exciting season by placing second overall in the 4A category at the 2018 Red Rocks State Competition.

Marching band is a unique sport that utilizes creative props, dozens of different kinds of instruments, and precise timing to create a visually engaging show. A good show is not accomplished by practicing for an hour twice a weekparticipants put in 3 hours of physical training and instrument practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, followed by playing at home football games on Fridays. That schedule only accounts for the school year, according to Ian Cummings, a sophomore trumpet player. He says that, during the month of August, band members are required to attend a two-week “Band Camp”. For six days each week, band members do physical drills and practice their music for a total of 12 hours at the school. They focused on making an impressive show with the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

For the marching band, the hours of hard work have paid off. Sadie Bailey, a senior who finished her last year of marching band playing the baritone, is pleased with how the season went and has many fond memories of marching band. The marching band felt a lot of pressure as they competed against Green Canyon, their number one rival for the season, in a neck-and-neck race for the 4A state championship. Bingham’s band had come out strong as the state champions during the last two years. As the state championship approached, Bailey said, “we are just gonna full swing it,” against Green Canyon. She said she was most proud of the band when they beat Green Canyon in the Percussion category in a competition on October 23rd. Despite the pressure, Bailey knew that the important part was putting your best foot forward to amaze the audience. “…no matter what happens, you need to be proud of what you put on the field… I’m going to be happy because I’m giving it my all.”

Bailey wants other students to know that the marching band does “…so much more than football games”. They work hard to make sure that they can excel in competitions and excite an audience. She says that she continued to come to marching band because “…I love what I’m doing and [I love] putting on a performance…when you do something and the crowd loves it…it’s a big deal.” The marching band has been a great opportunity for her and many other students to make friends and advance their musical skill: “By the end of the season, we’re all family.”

The Bingham High School marching band is a force to be reckoned with as they put in hundreds of hours into their shows. The 2018 season did not end in the way that members hoped, but next year many of them are hopeful to reclaim the title of 4A State Champions.