Christmas Song Craze

Zabrina Le, Staff Writer

Nobody can help lip singing to Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is You when it comes on, but the real question is: are Christmas songs worth the hype?

Christmas songs have always been popular, and the second Thanksgiving is over Christmas is everywhere. People wait all year long for Christmas to arrive, because it means presents, songs, movies, and more, but what’s so special about Christmas songs? Is it because they give you the feeling of Christmas? Do they symbolize a good time? According to sophomore and Christmas song enthusiast, Parker Lynch, “ I think Christmas songs are 100% worth the hype because I think that Christmas itself isn’t as hyped without the songs.”

People love Christmas songs so much that some play Christmas songs in July. Some people think it’s excessive or it’s not a big deal. According to sophomore Trinity Berrios, “I don’t see the point… everyone makes it a big thing.” Even grocery stores hype up Christmas a lot. For example, Walmart and Target put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is even over. People skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas.

A poll taken by me showed that 49 people thought Christmas songs were worth the hype and 15 said they weren’t worth the hype. Maybe it’s the culture to have to love Christmas songs, or it’s the songs in general. So many remakes of classics have been made by famous stars to help hype Christmas and spread the joy. For example, Jingle Bells by Michael Buble, Baby it’s cold outside by Michael Buble and Idina Menzel, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Coldplay, etc. It’s not only students and families hyping up Christmas and the songs it’s also the music industry.

Christmas songs are a lot of fun and add playfulness to the Christmas season. A lot of people believe that Christmas songs are good, but others don’t see the songs that way. According to Josh Sirstins, a sophomore at Bingham,”The hype is too big, everyone makes the Christmas songs to be the best thing in the world when in reality, they’re not.” Sirstins believes that Christmas songs aren’t as good as they’re made to be.

Whether you believe Christmas songs are worth the hype or not, Christmas songs are a part of Christmas. I don’t think the hype will ever die down. There’s always a way to bring the songs back into the top charts and there are more Christmas songs being made each year. Christmas isn’t all about the songs either there are more aspects to be excited about. The choice if you like these seasonal songs or not is up to you, but I hope you enjoy your Christmas either way. Happy Holidays!