True Blue Events

Savanna Nielson, Photographer

Arguably the highlight of the school year, True Blue provides students with dozens of opportunities to do good while having a good time, too.

This year we are going to have an assortment of activities for everyone to enjoy while serving others! Our goal is to help more than 10,000 kids with all the activities and service. “Friday December 21st we will have our day of service.” says Ashley Webb, Student Body Officer of Service. This fun day of service will bring smiles to so many people this holiday season.

The annual talent show sign ups are now outside the Government room door. There are so many different talents to showcase and we want to see them all. Have no fear and come to the after school performances.

Jackson Holliday, the Improv Team Manager, says “This year we have the Pay-to-Play. ….the more you pay, the more we play!” The Pay-to-Play is always a great way to raise money while still enjoying yourself. Our improv team does so much work, and their Pay-to-Play night is they contribute to True Blue. If you love to laugh, and help others in need, the Pay-to-Play is the best way to do it.

Starlight at Temple Square is always amazing. Despite the cold, a common holiday activity is to go to Temple Square to enjoy the lights. We might as well go and support the Starlight Foundation. Raising awareness is just as important as raising money.

Squad jobs are so much fun. Starting at 5:30 on different nights of the week for the entirety of True Blue, squad jobs are great opportunity for service. We trade donations for service around the neighborhoods, and make new friends.

The Mr. True Blue Pageant is a huge tradition here at Bingham. Each year senior boys compete for the crown, it becomes like live reality T.V. Missing this event is like missing “The Bachelor”. Proceeds from this fun and exciting event all go toward True Blue.

Late night service is always a bunch of fun. This year we are tying fleece blankets. Staying up late hanging out with friends and all in the name of serving a great cause. No one can argue with that, not even the strictest parents. Everyone is always welcome to come to this fantastic night.

Of course we always have the food drive going on. This year a new twist has been added and you can get extra credit for each can you bring in! So if your struggling with a class you can kill two birds with one stone: donations increased and grades are improved.

This year at the end of our last day before winter break, they will be auctioning off a parking pass! However, you have to be at the assembly, and you have to be either a Senior or Junior, sorry sophomores.

True Blue is always so much fun, and it all is for an amazing cause. This Christmas season let’s work hard to help others and send out the Christmas spirit!