The Jonas Brothers are Back

Zabrina Le, Staff Writer

As kids, many of our favorite bands consisted of One Direction, Big Time Rush, and the Jonas Brothers. Lucky for us, the Jonas Brothers have reunited.

In 2013, Jonas Brothers’ fans were devastated that the brothers broke up. The Jonas Brothers were a big part of many kids’ lives. At the time, the brothers admitted their reason for breaking up was they decided it would be best to be individuals. During their break up, the boys each did separate things. Nick went on with a solo career, Joe was in the band DNCE, and Kevin went into business.

The Jonas Brothers debuted their return by causing chaos on social media. They posted on social media platforms videos of their upcoming return on February 28, 2019. Their song, “Sucker,” was released on March 1, 2019 and people were raving about it. The Jonas Brothers opened up about their reason for reuniting on The Late Late Show with James Corden. In the interview they talked about doing a documentary where they started spending more time together and realized what they missed the magic. According to TeenVogue, Nick Jonas said, “There is a magic when we’re together that we really missed.”

Fans took to this really well. Nick Jonas celebrated on Twitter tweeting the “Sucker,” music video had 14 million views in 24 hours. According to a poll, students at Bingham High school were excited about their return. Students are excited to relive their childhood years and are expecting big things from the Jonas Brothers. Megan Murphy, a sophmore and student at Bingham, said, “It feels like a dream come true”. She said, “It’s like I’m reliving my childhood.”

Many fans speculated that The Jonas Brothers were going to announce their tour on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The band was on the show all week long and fans are living for it. The brothers have dropped hints about tours on numerous interviews. In one interview, Kevin talks about bringing his family along for the tour. We won’t know until they confirm this, but fans can hope.

The Jonas Brothers are a symbol of many of our childhoods. Listening to their Camp Rock songs and their other hits brought back the nostalgia. Fans are excited for what The Jonas Brothers have in store. Whether it’s a tour or more songs, fans are expecting great things from the Jonas Brothers.