What To Buy: Yearbook and Lit Mag

If you’re looking for some memorable reading or high school keepsakes, try investing in the works of aspiring Bingham artists.

Every year, the yearbook crew and the advanced creative writing class work for months to collect and go through student photos, drawings, experiences, stories, and poems. The results are the yearbook and the literary magazine, or the “lit mag”.

Sarah Pugh, the editor-in-chief for the yearbook, describes the opportunities that have been opened up to her through working on the yearbook. “I take a camera with me everywhere I go… I go to all of the school events and take pictures,” she says. “[Yearbook] is the best way to get involved and show lots of school spirit,”. Because of all the work and memories put into this year’s yearbook, Pugh encourages everyone to buy one. “A yearbook provides memories… you look back and you remember your friends [from high school],” she explains. “You can remember all of the good memories that you had,”. Reading a yearbook is an excellent way to remember “Bingham High as our happiest years”.

There’s more than one way to remember the great things from high school, though. You can purchase the lit mag to read and remember the work of your friends and peers. Elena Southworth, the lit mag’s co-editor-in-chief, says that there are many reasons to buy a lit mag. “I’ve seen a lot of great pieces [this year]. [The lit mag] is a great place to display talents,” she says. The theme this year is “Glass”, and it’s given the lit mag staff a lot of inspiration for how to organize student art and literature. “The ‘Glass’ theme was one of my top choices. There was a lot of potential in the way students could take it,” Southworth says. “We have a stained glass section for the inspiring and uplifting pieces, a shattered glass section for the more dark or ‘edgy’ pieces, and a reflective glass section for the reflective pieces,”.

Both Pugh and Southworth love what they do, and it takes a lot of passion and energy to develop these books into finished products. These editors encourage new students with this same passion to join in and get involved with these publications next year.

If you ever wonder where to spend your money, look no further than the lit mag and the yearbook. These are once-in-a-lifetime keepsakes for you to enjoy for years to come. The editors are anticipating to see awesome student reactions to their work. “It’s [going to] be great, and I’m very excited!” Pugh says. Both our yearbook and our literary magazine will be up for sale shortly.