2018-2019 Highlights


Photo by Kyler Willey

Skylon Thomas and Dane Durrant

The past year, Bingham High has had some good stuff happening. With many cool things to talk about, it’s time to take a look back at some of our favorite moments.

One of the biggest highlights from this year was our girls basketball team taking the state title. The game took place at SLCC against the Copper Hills Grizzlies, and boy was it a game. Coming out guns blazing, our Lady Miners started the game strong, leading with two immediate three point shots to kick off the game, and they kept it up from there. Led by senior Maggie McCord, the girls were able to lead a strong offensive during the first half. The Grizzlies started to pick up their game in the second half, but with the help of McCord, and juniors Ameleya Angilau and Madison Jones, we were able to keep the Grizzlies off, claiming the title.

Next, we go to boys basketball. Bingham beat Davis to advance to semi-finals of the Utah Elite 8 tournament. With seconds left on the clock, Davis up 58-55, Senior Luke Tueller shoots a desperate last second half-court shot. Luke said, “I watched it go in, and watched my team race towards me… It was a feeling like no other.” When asked if he had prepared for anything like that, he said “We had this one drill we’d run towards the end of practice where we’d shoot a half-court shot, but it was more of a mess-around kind of thing.”

Bingham football had their triumphs as well. In their third game of the season, Bingham crushed Herriman. With an amazing start, taking an early lead, and two passes for touchdown, the final score was a whopping 27-0. Bingham showed their skill both on the offensive and the defensive, really highlighting our athletic abilities.

And we can’t forget our very own Bingham swim team. In one of the first meets of the year, Bingham really made a name for themselves. In their first showdown against the Box Elder Bees, Junior Lexi Middleton won first place in both 200m and 400m. Not to mention junior Jessica Gilchrist earning first place for the 100m backstroke

We may not have claimed many state titles this year, but we definitely proved that Bingham is still one of the schools to be reckoned with, no matter the sport.