Bingham’s Annual Art Shows


Photo by Feyan Hoffman

Feyan Hoffman, Online Editor

Bingham’s library is a space primarily for focusing and studying. You might find yourself going from wall to wall in search of a book or furiously typing on a computer five minutes before an important essay is due. You might also find yourself wandering through the art show that has been set up cozily between bookshelves and desks. And honestly, the latter seems a lot more enjoyable.

The art displayed is Bingham High School’s 44th Annual Student Art Show and 5th Annual CTE Student Art Show that kicked off roughly a month ago. Andrew Bird, an art teacher at Bingham, said that these shows are done every year “to display student art made in Bingham art classes”.

These pieces also aim to impress and please the regular student’s eye and bring attention to the many incredible artists that walk our halls. In addition to this, the art also gets judged. Three outside jurors come to judge the show and based upon the juror’s picks, the students who contributed art are given awards.

An example of just one of these works of art is Junior Abigayle Worthen’s piece See Through. Because of the use of pen, pencil, and chalk, the person portrayed in the piece is mostly grayscale, but the subtle hints of color give the piece its meaning. Her artist’s statement said, “I was trying to convey that when you think no one’s looking, that’s when your true colors show.”

Bird also said that May 2nd is their awards night, an event in which students and their guardians celebrate all of the hard work behind the art and award the artists. The event begins with light refreshments at 6:30 PM, and at 7:00 PM the Art And CTE faculty recognizes the award winners. These awards are broken into categories: 2-D, 3-D, Photography, Metal Sculpture, and Painted Panels.

Year-round, you can see paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art throughout the library. Every year when these art shows come around, Bingham’s principal purchases a few of the pieces to contribute to the school’s permanent art collection. The artists of these certain pieces are paid for their work.

There is an abundance of great artwork, and at least one will definitely catch your eye. But don’t take my word for it, seeing the art up close and personal is the best way to recognize our student body’s creativity and talent. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get inspired to make a great piece of art yourself.