Photo by Pixabay

Marissa Jolley and Zabrina Le

Camping is one of the best ways to get away from all the stress and anxiety in everyday life, but fewer people are taking the time to enjoy the great outdoors.

Some people love camping, while others can’t stand the thought of it. Camping can be dirty, bug filled, and stressful, but it also has many redeeming qualities. According to Kara Myntti, a sophomore and frequent camper, “My favorite thing about camping is getting away from the city and people.” One issue many people face is the lack of cell service. But is it really an issue? Mackenzie Le, sophomore and camper “Connect with nature not cell towers”. Myntti and Le suggest that it’s better to start camping young.

Some of Myntti and Le’s favorite camps are Lake Powell, Goblin Valley, and Deer Creek. A recent campsite they both went to was in American Fork Canyon.

If you plan on going camping, remember to be safe. Here are a few tips that could save your camping experience and your life. According to Myntti and Le, you should always plan ahead for your trip. Some important essentials you need for camping are wood, water, good outdoor clothes, canopy tents to keep out the rain, a lighter, food, and bug spray. You should also know where you are at all times. The first time I went camping we did not bring the right tools. Bringing these items can make your trip a lot more enjoyable.

Make sure you tell a family member or friend not on the trip where you’re heading. If you’re planning on building a campfire, make sure to never leave it unattended. You should always kill the fire fully before leaving your campground. A shovel is smart to have around.

Camping sounds easy, but it’s not that simple. Some people don’t enjoy spending time outdoors with no distractions. The reason for this is they don’t camp correctly. Some people don’t bring the right tools or they can’t be away from service for that long. Some people don’t enjoy camping because they won’t be able to shower for a few days to a week. They also don’t like how there are no showers or running water available to them. Camping isn’t for everyone, but people should still give it a try. To me, camping is an opportunity everyone should take. It’s like experiencing the world as it should be.

Now that summer has begun, people can go camping more. It’s the season for the outdoors and the adventures. Camping is the best way to relieve stress and anxiety the city gives. Fresh air and smores intertwine to create some lasting memories.