BHS Theatre Spring Showcase Situation

Dane Durrant, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In light of recent events, the theatre spring showcase is still trying its best to bring you a great performance.

Bingham High Theatre’s Spring Showcase is putting out multiple play performances by the Theatre 4 students. But due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the challenges of putting on this production have increased greatly. However, not all hope is lost. Liz Smith, the theatre teacher said, “I have been talking with the Theatre 4 kids and discussed ideas of doing online/video auditions. Using Zoom or Google Hangout for casting and rehearsals. We are going to get really creative, but that’s what theatre is all about!” 

As you can see, the theatre department is still working hard and keeping their heads up. The faculty, as well as the students are giving their all in order to try and make things better in this trying time. With students working at home trying to put together their productions, to other students willing to submit their auditions online, the strength of the theatre department is unfaltering.

However with the spread of this disease, nothing is for sure concerning the performance. As Smith said, “I don’t have a ton of answers right now about Spring Showcase. My hope is that we will still be able to do some sort of performance… the arts are all about bringing light in moments of darkness, so this is one way we can (hopefully) do that.”

The hope is that the performance can still go on, and if it does work out, then it is guaranteed to be something you won’t want to miss. The minds and abilities of the students here are not to be ignored, even if there is an extremely infectious virus making its way across the US. It is currently scheduled for May 21 and 22. Smith closed off by saying, “Even if we have to video the performances there are still so many ideas to still make it happen if at all possible.”