Bingham’s Ghosts Have School Spirit Too


School spirit isn’t just for students these days… Photo credit: Jaiden Gunn


Everyone knows of the ghost stories all high schools have. But are they true? Is it all made up by the students? I set out to find out the answers to these questions, and what I found astonished me. 

Many students and teachers have heard or have personal stories themselves about paranormal experiences happening. Ali Bridge, a history teacher who has been here for 15 years, said she is 100 percent positive there are ghosts here at Bingham. 

“Since schools hold so much energy and this school has been around for so long [since September 1975],” explained Bridge, “if you have that many years and that much energy contained in a school then a lot of times it’s what’s referred to as a residual haunting.” She continued, “Some people do believe there are some specific spirits like the little girl, Emilia, or the face in the mirror.”

From asking questions I was able to find out that there are three ghosts here at Bingham. The most seen ghost would be Emilia, the little girl. I was told she is 8 or 9 and loves theater. Whenever rehearsals or shows are going on she sits in her favorite seat next to the sound booth. People have claimed to hear her call out to them. 

The second most popular ghost would be the little boy. Many people report hearing something being dragged across the stage when no one is there, and it is believed that the little boy dragged lumber to the side of the stage to help with building the sets. He can also be seen in the light booth on occasion. 

There is also ‘The Man.’ “One of  the custodians has a photograph because one of the sweepers was in the vocational hall,” said Ms. Bridge. “[The sweeper’s] taking selfies of herself in the mirror in . . . the auto shop, and she was looking back at them, in one of them you can see . . .  a face in the mirror.”

Bingham’s band teacher, Darin Graber, who has been teaching here for 21 years now, said that in his 16th or 17th year of teaching, he heard a ghost. When entering the band room there are the doors that lead to the room and another door that is always locked that leads to the upstairs storage room.

 “My office used to be on the other side of this wall right here, and I was in there, it was about 9 o’clock at night, it was late, … I heard the door slam closed and then I heard steps … and so I was like, ‘it’s 9:30 at night, I am the only one here. Who just keyed in and is going upstairs to our store room?’ So I went to my desk, grabbed my keys, came walking in here, pop the lock, lights are on, nothing. Up the stairs, pop the lock into the store room, nothing, but it was loud enough and I know I heard it.” 

A little girl that loves theater, a boy trying to help build sets, and a photo bomber having some fun with the custodians. Some believe the school’s ghost stories are chilling to the bone, and others see school spirit. Is it just them having fun and helping out? Or is there more to it? We may never know.