Log of the Android’s Armorer

Entry 1

Here begins my log as the Android’s Armorer. If found, please burn in a fire. (I’m shy)

Our organization, the Bingham Robotics Team, has been given a mission. We are to create a robot like no other. A robot that can destroy humanity, shoot dodgeballs, and go real fast. And that is what we shall do. Plus or minus the “destroy humanity” thing.


Entry 2

Before work can begin, the organization must first salvage pieces from last year’s experiment. Several parts can be reused, such as the legs and brain. Anything that remains will be disassembled and recycled into improved designs. Not even evil robots like global warming.

During this process, our more experienced members will teach the newcomers the basics. Additionally, the product team will begin brainstorming designs for a sellable product. They will need to present this to the higher-ups later. Heh, glad I’m not them. Big boss man is scary.


Entry 3

Today, my team will begin the weapon design process. We will research and develop the only weapon system on the robot. Last year, our organization made the mistake of not preparing proper arms. We must not repeat that mistake. For realz tho, last year’s robot was more like a shopping cart than a world conquering death machine.


Entry 4

After decoding the mess of code left by their predecessors, the programming team has successfully made a system to control the robot remotely. The driver team tested and compared different input devices, such as game controllers and flight joysticks. Ultimately, they decided on a joystick. You wouldn’t believe how tempted I am to just “borrow” it and “forget” to return it. It’s so cool!


Entry 5

An order has come in from the higher-ups. The organization is to make a bumper that shows what team we are and whose side we are on. Not only that, it must be easy to change sides. Can’t have an epic robot battle without a little betrayal, after all.


Entry 6

At last, the weapon is finished. But my work is not over. The weapons team needs to attach the arms to the main body, and verify that it works properly under stressful conditions. We will also create a collection system to refill our ammo reserves in the midst of battle. Arms are useless if they have nothing to throw.


Entry 7

As one would expect from the organization’s programmers, they have set up our weapon and collection systems perfectly, with only the finest of guided aiming systems. Our arms will miss nothing, so long as it is within their reach. And nothing is ever too far. Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll end up in the vast emptiness of space. At least the view’s pretty, right?


Entry 8

The time has come. The time for all of the time, effort, and training to be put on the line. For it is time. Time to battle against our competitors in the First Robotics Competition, Infinite Recharge 2021.

Fortunately, our enemies are cowards. They hide in their caves, scared of some “covid” virus. Regardless, the time has come. We shall simply battle them across this great distance, with the help of technology. The only witness to this great battle shall be a single camera. And what a thing it shall witness.


A race against time, through obstacles unknown.

Another race against time, through obstacles still unknown.

One more race against time, through obstacles yet still unknown.

The final race against time, through obstacles I swear shouldn’t be unknown still, but we do two laps this time.


I swear, did we even need a weapon? All we’ve done is race… Oh, there it is. About time.


Shooting across vast distances with limited shots.

Shooting across limited distances with limited shots and time.

Shooting across an unlimited distance, limited only by time.


Entry 9

Our witness has been submitted to the higher-ups. It has been compared with the witnesses of our competition, and our battle will be given a rank. A rank in the top 20 at least. I’ll get back to you later with the exact number. But it will be a good number, I promise.