Mining for Kindness


Photo by Joylnne Ward

Members of the Golden Gate Club this year spread kindness by reaching out to students at Bingham.

Wandering through the halls of Bingham, it may feel like nobody sees you. You’re tired, slightly stressed, and a bit blue until someone looks at you and says, “Hi! It is so good to see you today.” For a moment, you know you are not alone. You know it matters you woke up way too early and came to school. You know someone cares. By practicing sincere kindness, we can build a positive culture at Bingham and a kinder world outside these walls. 

The first step to practicing kindness is loving yourself. Accepting compliments is not always easy because often, we are our own harshest critics. You may feel like a vending machine trying to accept a wrinkly dollar bill, but identify that you deserve kindness. When someone compliments you, thank them! The first person you have to be kind to is yourself. 

Once you find this self-love, spread it to others. See a girl with amazing hair? Tell her! See a boy with fantastic shoes? Let him know! You will never be judged for being kind. As you uplift others, you will feel more comfortable when people uplift you. Compliments are one of the easiest ways to be kind. What takes little effort to give may change someone’s day for the better. 

When asked what kindness means to them, Bingham students responded with, “kindness means love,” “accepting others for who they are and what they love without judgments,” “loving and serving others knowing you will receive no physical reward,” “looking for the good in others and making sure they know they are valuable,” and “putting other people’s needs and wants before your own.” People show kindness in various ways, but each seeks to make others feel happy and loved. 

Organizations at Bingham, such as the Golden Gate Club, are devoted to building positivity at the school. The mission of the Golden Gate Club, adopted at Bingham under the leadership of hall monitor Jolynne Ward or “Mama J,” is to instruct students in the attitudes, perspectives, soft skills, and prosocial behaviors needed to function in school and interpersonally. You may have seen members with smiling faces and shirts that say, “Stay Kind.” This club wants to create a school environment where everyone belongs. 

Lauren Butler, a member of Golden Gate, explained, “This club has made me look outside my comfort zone and involve those that look lonely as if they were my friend. Even wearing the club T-shirt makes me feel more friendly.” To join this club, talk to Mama J in the halls and for uplifting posts and challenges, check out their Instagram, @goldengatemovement. 

Kindness has the power to change lives. When everyone feels accepted and included, Bingham will become a place of joy and positivity. This mission begins with you! Yes, you, the person reading this article! Reflect on your impact in the school. Do you let yourself be vulnerable to help someone else? Even when it is inconvenient, will you still listen to a friend? What can you do today that will make someone else happy? As each of us strives to be good to one another, students can confidently say no one is kinder than a Bingham Miner.