Unique New Clubs Begin at Bingham


Photo by Aaron McCoy

Board Games Club founder Gabe Snowball playing chess

Bingham has many established, well-known clubs, such as the Golden Gate Club, Future Farmers of America (FFA), and Speech and Debate. What most people don’t know is that there are also many obscure clubs about random things like Rope Club, Dino Club, and Board Games Club. Despite not being well known, these clubs all have their own unique procedures and styles.

Rope Club was started as a joke. Rope Club president Jaron Hall said, “One of the other clubs left a box of rope on a table during club rush, so I put a sign up sheet, just unofficially, that said ‘Join the Rope Club’, and people did.” He said that around 30 people signed the paper. A week later, Hall’s friend Bernardo came up to him and said, “I’m making the club official.” From there, they started a group chat and set up weekly meetings every Friday from 1:30-2:00 p.m. in the library. Hall also commented that while they don’t have a specific plan for what the rope club does, they do have a few ideas and are planning to make it a full long-term club.

Another interesting club is the Board Games Club. When asked why he started the club, founder Gabe Snowball simply said, “I wanted to play chess with people after school.” The club features other games as well, such as “Cards Against Humanity,” “Exploding Kittens,” and any other games members bring. The club, already with a good amount of members, meets every Thursday right after school in room E206. Snowball’s only other comments were, “If you enjoy playing chess and board games, come to the club.”

The Dino Club’s history is different from most clubs. It was originally founded in 2019 by a few people with the intent to eat dino nuggets and watch “The Land Before Time.” However, in 2020, a new group of students took over and turned it into the serious, paleontology-centered club it is today. Mrs. McDonald, the advisor for the club, said that “All the kids in the club, they’re just interested in learning more about dinosaurs, or putting their knowledge in action.” She also gave an example of this later when she said, “This year we’re going to kind of put this in action by talking to elementary school kids, going to the [University of Utah] Natural History Museum, and watching dinosaur-related documentaries and movies.” Overall, the club members agree that the club has a good balance of messing around and learning.

The Rope Club and the Board Games Club are new this year, and are still actively seeking new members. However, they already seem to have the support of many students, and could easily become popular clubs in the future. The Dino Club was started a few years ago, has a few established members, and their numbers grow every year. There are many more of these types of clubs at Bingham, all of them with their own diverse history and culture, but the thing that unites them all is the creative students behind them.