Bingham Highlights Students in Annual Art Show


Photo by Sarah Storm

Art on display at the show

The Bingham Art Show is a long lasting tradition for the art students of BHS. This year the art show was featured at the end of the main hall. The pieces were displayed from the last week of March through the end of April. This year is the 47th annual art show here at Bingham. 

Mr. Bird, an art teacher at Bingham, shares his insights regarding the art show, “I would like to congratulate the artists and their hard work because sometimes art is pushed off in the corner just like music and other things that aren’t sports.”  This is one of the few ways the art students get to shine and be seen.

Sierra Rosner, an art student, was selected to be in the show. It took Rosner about 30 hours total to finish her drawing. Rosner shares, “When I turned it in, Jackson really liked it and asked if I would be okay if he submitted it in the art show, so I said sure.” Sierra says, “This was one of the few times someone else has appreciated a piece of art that I had spent a lot of time on, so it felt really rewarding. There were a lot of really talented people in the art show so I was just happy I could be a part of it.”

In the past the art show would have independent jurors come to judge the art and give out first, second, and third place prizes. But this year is slightly different in the fact that no jurors were in attendance and there were no first, second, and third place prizes. Instead this year there is a party for all of the featured artists and their parents at 7:30 am on May 6 to celebrate their successes. One reward that has always been a part of the art show is the Principal’s Purchase award. Bingham High School is home of the largest student art gallery in the state. Every year the principal picks one art piece from the show to add to the collection. He buys it from the student, and the art will be displayed at the school for all future students to enjoy.

When I asked Bird if he had a favorite piece in the show, he responded with “NO, you can’t have favorites as a teacher, they are all my favorites—that sounds cheesy, but we just love to celebrate student work and effort.”