Reflecting on Reflections

Reflections is a contest that is hosted every year! There are seven different categories: dance, film, literature, music, photography, 2D art, and 3D art. The sky’s the limit when creating your submissions so don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine! You can choreograph a dance or even direct your own film. You can write a poem or a story that goes along with the theme. You can write or play a song on any musical instrument. You can take photographs of what the theme means to you. And lastly, 2D and 3D art allow you to make whatever you desire with any mediums that you choose.

Each year 10,000 entries are submitted in Utah alone and over 300,000 students in the nation create their own original artwork. This year’s theme was, “Show Your Voice”. If you submit a piece you may win a prize and you can even be selected to compete at regionals, state, and then nationals. 14 Bingham Miners submitted some unique art of their own this past competition. Whoever enters will gain a good experience and have lots of fun! The PTSA organizer, Lynette Dashner, stated, “The reflections contest provides opportunities and boosts confidence in the arts and life.” Unfortunately, you can’t submit anything else this year as the submission deadline was October 1st. However, hopefully you can watch what happens this year and submit something for next year!

Here are the names of the miners that had submitted work:

  • “Growing Up, And Growing Out” a music piece by Annika Acevedo
  • “I Can’t Breath” a dance by Malik Lucero 
  • “Don’t Be Clammy” a photograph by Mara Spigarelli
  • “The Smallest Voice” 2D art by Kate Christensen
  • “One Voice in the Universe” 2D art by Jace Dye
  • “My Garden” 2D art by Kayla Churchtown
  • “Share Your Voice” photograph by Skyler Pedroza
  • “Follow Your Bliss” 3D art by Mara Spigarelli 
  • “Kidnapping of Languages” music by Skyler Pedroza 
  • “Look Deeper” photograph by Alexandra Franklin 
  • “Binary” 2D art by Skylar Pedroza 
  • “Glasses” literature by Elizabeth Hooper
  • “Worth More” literature by Bridger Pedroza 
  • “Show Your Voice” 2D art by Bridger Pedroza
  • “Overcoming Obstacles” film by Bridger Pedroza 

You can enter your own projects at