The Prospector

Hope Squad members

Hope at Bingham

Kylee Page, Staff writer March 24, 2021

We all know about how hard life has been for people recently. How much things have changed, and the change is only adding to the stress everyone is feeling. Suicide rates have been on the rise for years,...

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects

Caitlin Hicks, Opinion Editor March 24, 2021

As of March 13, Utah has hit a 1 million milestone for the amount of COVID-19 vaccines that have been administered to its population, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. Talks of a vaccine have been circling...

Bingham Symphony, the musicians who braved the stage

Symphonic Success

Sophia Warnas, Staff writer March 24, 2021

With shaking hands and a racing heart, the musician enters the stage. The blinding spotlights make the audience no more than a silent shadow. With a deep breath and a glance at the conductor, the soloist...

Heading to Prom

The Return to Prom

Alyssa Anderson, Staff writer March 24, 2021

“I can’t believe it!” seemed to be the general consensus on Feb. 28 when Bingham High School announced that prom would take place in person this year. Students from all over the school were posting...

Joe Biden

President Biden’s First Month in Office

Jaiden Gunn, A&E Editor February 16, 2021

With less than a month in the Oval Office, President Joe Biden is making changes and not looking back. The following are some of the recent changes President Biden has made: For students in the United...

A drought in north america that lasted 18 years.

Droughts and Doubts

Brittany James, Staff writer February 16, 2021

Worried about the lack of rainfall and snowpack this season, Utahns brace for the impact of a potentially dry summer. There has been quite a bit of talk from local news sources that Utah is preparing for...

Shorts in the winter is one chilly choice.

PSA: Stop Wearing Shorts in Winter

Mandy Jenkins, Editor-in-chief December 16, 2020

In Utah, our winters can change constantly. One of the sayings people hear when in this state is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Even with the weather changing, the winter months...

Melvin The Miner shows his true blue spirit and collects donations for charity.

Truly Blue

Cale Montoya, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

Every year Bingham High School participates in a local fundraiser to support charities around Christmastime. This month-long activity is well known (traditionally to Bingham) as True Blue.  So, what...

Diagram of the COVID-19 virus.

Overview of the COVID-19 Vaccine

James Mcnees, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

The race for an effective vaccine has been no secret, and it’s kept the whole world in suspense. The question is, what lies ahead? Several different companies have been performing vaccination tests...

One of the monoliths standing atop Pine Mountain in California.

Mysterious Monoliths Traveling the Globe

Kylee Page, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

All kinds of different monoliths have been “appearing and disappearing” all around the world. Each of them are very different, yet very similar at the same time. Some people believe it is an alien...

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