PSA: Stop Wearing Shorts in Winter


Photo by Felix Wong

Shorts in the winter is one chilly choice.

In Utah, our winters can change constantly. One of the sayings people hear when in this state is, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Even with the weather changing, the winter months are pretty chilly, but there are still some people who wear shorts all year long. Everyone knows at least one person who always has shorts on. 

There are many reasons why wearing shorts in the winter seems crazy. The winter months are cold and there is usually snow on the ground at some point. Most people would like to stay warm and cozy when they see snow. In a poll, 38 out of 67 people said that shorts shouldn’t be worn in the winter. 

Speaking of snow on the ground, there is more precipitation throughout the winter months. Wearing shorts means that your calves are not protected from the snow, rain, or slush. Even if you have a ride to every place you need to be, it doesn’t mean that you will never have to walk through puddles or snow hills. Walking into the school building, there is ice and snow all over the sidewalk. Getting snow on your legs means it will probably melt into your shoes. This could make you have wet socks all day. Wet socks are not a great addition to your day and won’t help keep in any warmth.

Being cold for too long can lead to getting sick. That means you will have to wear a mask even if you are sniffly and get tested for COVID-19, leading to all sorts of disruption in your life. Wearing a mask is enough of a hassle. Now imagine trying to wear your mask while your nose is running. Your mask might get pretty gross after a while. All of this could have been avoided if you had worn longer and warmer pants.

Mrs. Curtis, a Bingham English teacher, is one of many people who think wearing shorts in winter is crazy. She said, “Something is not human about you if you don’t get cold wearing shorts (or miniskirts without tights) in 20 degree weather. [Also] no one wants to see blinding white chicken legs.”

Blinding chicken legs is definitely a great description of legs during the winter months. One thing about winter is that there is less sun and so people can’t tan like they usually can in the spring or summer months. Have you ever walked outside and had light reflected right into your eyes? White legs can do the same thing. Walking around with your legs showing is a pain for those around you.

The evidence is astonishingly clear. Avoid causing pain to yourself and others, stay warm, hide your white legs, and prove your humanity and sanity all in one simple way: stop wearing shorts and miniskirts in winter.