Melvin’s Heroes to the Rescue


Photo by Nate Kelley

Nate Kelley, Staff Writer

Melvin’s Heroes is a new student recognition that tries to honor a new student every day of the week. Pioneered by this year’s Senior Class Officers, it aims at recognizing students who wouldn’t normally be noticed.

“We wanted to show appreciation to more of the students at Bingham,” said Noah Jewkes, Senior Class President. “We especially wanted to spotlight those individuals who may not get the best grades or be the best athletes, but are just being the best kind of person they can be”

Andrew Gwilliam, a Melvin’s Hero, was recently honored with the award.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Andrew, “It’s the kids who don’t look for the spotlight, but are always helping out that deserve the real reward.”

Not only can students receive the award, but teachers as well. Every Friday, nicknamed “Faculty Friday,” a teacher will be honored with the award. The first teacher to receive the award was Jared Denslow for the work that he does with the special needs program.

“He is really an amazing teacher,” said Mattie Watts. “The first person I thought of when creating Melvin’s Hero was Jared. People don’t even realize what an impact he has on the whole school and the special needs department. Best Buddies would not function without him.”

“Everybody at Bingham has talent,” said Wyatt Merrill, Senior Class Secretary. “We wanted to pick out the achievements of the students who do good things just out of habit, not necessarily just always being a nice person to everybody, but for constantly going above and beyond to make Bingham a better place.”

Melvin’s Heroes are pre-chosen every week by the Student Government and are screened based on their accomplishments.  The Heroes who do pass the screening will be honored on the morning announcements and their picture will be placed in a display case in the main hall to be hung up all year. On top of all this, each of Melvin’s Heroes will also receive a Melvin’s Hero T-shirt and a 2012-2013 Bingham pin.

If any individual wants to recognize or notices a Melvin’s Hero he or she is encouraged to write that person’s name down and why they deserve it and place that recommendation in the white Spirit Locker located outside the Counseling Office. All recommendations placed in the Spirit Locker will be looked over by the Student Government on a weekly basis and chosen based on quality.