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Mitt Romney

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Willard Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Michigan. Mitt worked as an apprentice and a salesman before he worked for degrees from BYU, Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. He married his wife Ann in 1969. Mitt worked his way up to the head of American Motors. Romney spent most of his time in the private business sector. He’s known around here for his work on the 2002 Olympics.  In 1999, the preparations for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics were on the verge of complete wreckage. Romney stepped in to oversee the reorganization of leadership and the budget. Then in 2002 Romney was elected the governor of Massachusetts.  He brought the state economy into control, cut spending, eliminated deficits, and lowered the unemployment rate.



  • He believes the biggest problem with our economy today is the over lapping layers of regulation left from each of the former presidencies
  • He sees many of the regulation laws as unnecessary or duplicated. He also states that all the regulation just serves to be hidden tax on Americans.
  • Romney believes that America’s tax system needs to be simplified.
  • Romney has said he is going to cut taxes for both individuals and corporations.
  • Cutting taxes for corporations will give the businesses more room to grow, allowing them to create more jobs for individuals.
  • Cutting the individual citizen’s taxes allows them to invest, increasing their income which then generates more taxes. Romney says he will reduce the taxes on savings and investments. He will try to eliminate taxation on capital gains, dividends, and interest for taxpayers with a gross income of under $200,000.

Health Care

  • Romney has promised that his first day in office, he will issue an order that will halt ObamaCare and then begin the process to repeal Obama’s health care plan.
  • He will push for legislation that will allow the states to form their own health plans based on its citizens needs.
  • The federal government’s role will be to create a level playing field in the market.
  • This is his plan despite being the inspiration for ObamaCcare, as he instituted a similar program in his own state of Massachusetts.


  • Romney’s stance is abortion being legal in cases of rape, incest, and the health and life of the mother
  • Romney issued a statement that accused Obama of not fixing the problems of the education system, just throwing more money out into the system with no real purpose.
  • Romney’s plan for education is to allow low income and special needs students to pick which schools they attend by making their grants and funds portable.
  • He also will provide enticements for states to make more choices for the parents available and develop quality alternatives.
  • Romney also wishes to emphasize and reform the shortcomings of No Child Left Behind.

Quotes from Bingham students regarding Mitt Romney:

“I am for Romney, Obama’s misguided but Joe Biden’s an idiot.”  -Mary Schilling

“Romney has too much money, he doesn’t know what he stands for, and he’s too devoted to his party.”  -Jaeden Rohde

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