New Teachers at Bingham: Part II

Sirene Blair, Staff Writer

This is part two of a continuous series on new teachers at Bingham. Here you can access short biographies of three more teachers. Continue to watch for more biographies in the near future.

Heather Hale

Ms. Heather Hale hails from Los Angeles, California. She received her college education at California State Northridge and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in English. After obtaining her Teaching Degree and a Masters in English Literature at Brigham Young University, her career path seemed obvious.

“It made sense to go into the career of teaching,” said Ms. Hale. “I’ve always loved reading books and teaching others.”

After seven years of teaching experience, Ms. Hale has replaced Ms. Margaret Pratt in Bingham’s English Department. Ms. Hale’s experience spans the grades of kindergarten to college classes. This is Ms. Hale’s second year of residence in Utah. When she isn’t doing yoga, you can find her reading a book of any subject.

“I really look forward to getting to know more students here at Bingham,” said Ms. Hale.

Aubrey Turnbow

This is Ms. Turnbow’s second time at Bingham. In the year 2006, she taught Foods, Sewing, and Child Development here at Bingham.

“I really look forward to coming back to Bingham,” said Ms. Turnbow.“I am curious to see how much things have changed and to see the students’ achievements.” Ms. Aubrey Turnbow studied Family Consumer Science Education at Brigham Young University Idaho. While doing an internship, Ms. Turnbow was guided onto the path of teaching. With this being her fifth year as a teacher, her experience covers the grades of ninth through twelfth.

Ms. Turnbow has replaced Mrs. Kimberly Thomas and currently teaches Adult Roles, Interior Design, Fashion, and Sports Sewing. Not only has Ms. Turnbow lived in Utah, but she has lived in Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, and the Philippines. In her spare time, Ms. Turnbow enjoys four wheeling, wakeboarding, hiking, playing volleyball, and dancing.

Tracy Randall

Ms. Randall works as a part-time teacher here at Bingham. She has replaced Jana Brinton in the Foreign Language Department.

For about two and a half years, Ms. Randall studied at Brigham Young University with a French major and an English minor.

“I have spoken French for 28 years now,” said Ms. Randall. “I thoroughly enjoy teaching it to others.” Ms. Randall’s previous areas of residence include Colorado, Arizona, California, and France. At the age of nineteen and twenty, Ms. Randall worked as a nanny west of Paris.

“I used to go to Paris every weekend,” said Ms. Randall. “I also went to France to serve my mission.”

An optimistic view is at the forefront of Ms. Randall’s thoughts.

“I would really like to improve my teaching skills,” said Ms. Randall. “This being my first year, I’m excited to learn while teaching others.”

Whenever Ms. Randall can, she enjoys hiking, quilting, reading, gardening, cooking, and spending time with her four kids.