New Vice-Principals


Photo by Talin Larson

Megan Monson, Staff Writer

Throughout the course of the school year Bingham has welcomed two new vice-principals onto its ever-growing staff. Janilee Taylor and Mike Kochevar have replaced vice-principals who previously served at Bingham. Ms. Taylor and Mike Kochevar are both former teachers at Jordan District high schools, and are happy to be here at Bingham.

Mr. Kochevar has been at BHS as a vice principal since the school year started. He previously taught as a math teacher; he started at Bingham and then moved to Riverton. He has lived in Utah his whole life. He loves to fish, camp, and do woodworking.

“I graduated here so I am just going to say that I’m happy to be back home” said Mr. Kochevar.­

Janilee Taylor, a Jordan district office veteran, came to Bingham at the start of the second semester. She replaced Barbara Gentry, who was transferred to the district office. Ms. Taylor served as a Special Education Teacher Specialist in the district office and has taught at both South Jordan Middle School and Copper Hills High School.

Ms. Taylor quickly noticed the school pride students all have in Bingham.

“The students want to achieve and the teachers want to support them in achieving their goals,” said Ms. Taylor.

These new vice-principals have a lot to offer to Bingham. Each has something different to bring and improve upon in the school. They have each seen both sides of how a school works, as teachers and now as administrators.