New in the News: March-April

Garrett Mortensen, Staff Writer

Boston Marathon Bombing:

Two bombs were set off at the finish line of  the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 15. There have been three confirmed deaths and many wounded or in need of amputations.

The police are still searching for the bombers. One suspect died in a getaway attempt and the other is yet to be found. Many Bostonians are staying indoors or even leaving the city in fear.

North Korea:

North Korea recently broke the armistice set in 1953, and has increased tensions even further when announcing they are testing nuclear missiles. Although they announced this, many believe they are still unable to directly attack America.  The tensions are so high that even China has warned North Korea not to attack.

New Catholic Pope:

For the first time in nearly 600 years, the pope resigned from his calling. On March 13, 2013 the Catholic Church elected their new pope, Pope Francis. Pope Francis is from Argentina, and is the first non-European pope elected in over 1,200 years.

Voting in Venezuela:

With the passing away of Venezuela leader Hugo Chavez, citizens are now voting without Chavez as an option for the first time since 1998. Chavez recently passed away due to a heart attack, but was also diagnosed with cancer. Because of his absence, many citizens do not know who to vote for, since they have always chosen him in past elections.

Gun Control:

A tighter gun control bill is being reviewed in the Senate. The bill would call for stronger background checks when bought, especially for gun shows and bought on the Internet. This is the first bill to be created and reviewed since the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Death of  Former English Prime Minister  

Margaret Thatcher died on the 8th of April of this year. She was the Prime Minister of England from 1979-1990. She passed away due to a stroke. Margaret was the only female to ever hold the office of Prime Minister in England. She helped with the end of the Cold War and tearing down of the Berlin Wall.