SBOs Announce New Theme


Photo by Photo courtesy of Nic Nielsen

Signs were put up around Bingham to promote school spirit.

Jenessa Soutas, Staff Writer

The Student Body Officers of Bingham High School have decided to make the best of each and every day. Bingham has a fresh start this year with it’s new principal, Mrs. Christen Richards-Khong, and the new theme in­troduces a new focus for Bingham High School students: ‘One Day. Make it Today.

The theme came from the song ‘One Day’ by Matisyahu, which SBO’s listened to at Student Government Camp at Utah State University. They said that this song reflect­ed the way they wanted themselves and the stu­dents to live this school year, and the attitude that they should have.

“In the song it talks about how they always waited for this one day that will be like paradise,” said VP of Assemblies, Hyrum Orton, “and instead of waiting, we want to make that par­adise today and everyday.”

The SBOs plan on using this theme to inspire BHS students to not put things off and to live the life they have dreamed of.

“Everyone should take this day and do something with it,” said Senior Class Secretary Susan Kwon. “It doesn’t have to be some­thing big. It could be do­ing something small that needs to get done instead of procrastinating.”

Zac Troff, VP of Spirit, describes the theme this way: “Why are you going through your life and not doing the things you really want to do? What are you doing with your day?” He continues, “You have that dream, and you have those past years. You say ‘Oh I wish I would have done that’. Well, what is that? Why not make that today, instead of saying: ‘One day I’ll do that!‘ Ev­erybody has those things that they can accomplish now.”

The Student Body Of­ficers all have their own personal goals. Howev­er, as SBOs, they also come together and put helping the students succeed as their top priority.

One of their main goals is to create unity at Bing­ham. They want to get rid of the categories students sometimes place each oth­er in, and come together as one.

“We want everybody to feel involved,” Troff ex­plained, “We want people to think ‘My group can go with their group, and it doesn’t matter.”

Troff commented that he is “excited to get a chance to create a new Bingham -still with the old traditions- but being able to start off with new ways.”

The SBOs said they are going to make Sub-4-Santa extra special this December. They also are trying to hold the all-day assembly to help raise money