Miners Who Model


Photo by Photo courtesy of Savannah Dial

Savannah Dial currently model for NIYA Management.

Nic Nielsen and Jenessa Soutas, News Editor and Staff Writer

Trying on clothes at the mall to show off to friends has become a hobby for the average teenage girl, but for some Bingham students it is their job. Students like Emma Casaril, Abby England, and Savannah Dial have had experience dressing up in expensive clothes and walking runways.

Becoming a model is simpler than it seems. Both Emma and Abby were approached at a mall to start their modeling careers.

“[A lady] gave us her card,” said senior Emma Casaril. “I went in and had an interview and from there it just took off.” Emma and senior Abby England both worked for Pulse Management, a modeling agency in Utah. Senior Savannah Dial currently works for NIYA Model Management. All three had similar experiences while modeling.

Like most models, these girls would meet with their photographer and makeup artists as they decide how they want the models’ appearance to match the theme of the photo shoot. While the routine stayed consistent, the location for the job required these girls to travel all across America and to foreign countries.

“They would book me at a certain place and fly me there,” said Abby. “I would stay in a model house with all the other models. They would feed me and I’d practice my walk, work out all day, and then go sightseeing.”

Abby visited New York, Los Angeles, Japan, and Shanghai while working as a model. Emma spent her time modeling in California, Las Vegas, and even Idaho. However, the job isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem.

“It was very, very stressful,” said Abby. “I was constantly told, ‘you can’t eat this. You have to exercise this much.’” While Savannah didn’t mind the strict diet and exercise routines, she disliked the way people perceive models in general.

“There’s such a stigma about modeling,” said Savannah. “You tell people you’re a model and automatically they think that you’re stuck-up or you have to eat a certain way or you’re anorexic. They think you have no personality and models have to have a personality because that’s how they get set apart from other models when they go in for casting.”

Savannah also stated that finding a paid modeling job is difficult.

“It’s a really competitive field, especially in Utah,” said Savannah.”

These girls enjoyed many parts of their experineces modeling, including traveling and wearing designer brands.