New in the News

Eric Christensen, Art/Online Editor

Philippines Typhoon 

One of the most powerful storms recorded, Super Typhoon Haiyan came through the Philippines, killing at least four people and leaving over 750,000 homeless. The typhoon sustained winds of 155 mph and gusts of 235 mph, and the storm is expected to reach Vietnam at winds of 125 mph.

World Trade Center

The new World Trade Center building is in debate about being the tallest building in America. A committee of architects held a meeting to decide whether a design change of the building’s 1,338-feet needle disqualifies it. If this becomes the tallest building, it would replace the Willis Tower–formerly the Sears Tower- as the tallest building in America.

Los Angeles Shooting

A shooting at Los Angeles Airport left one Transportation Security Administration agent dead with three others injured. This is the first TSA agent to be killed in the line of duty. The suspect was identified as Paul Ciancia. In local news, the trial for Martin McNeil, is being prosecuted for the murder of his wife, who says his wife died from a heart attack and fell into the tub.


Apple announced and released a handful of new products during the months of September and October. The new iPhone 5s comes with a built-in fingerprint scanner that unlocks the phone. A lighter tablet, the iPad Air, was also announced.