Bingham Graduate Struck by Car


Photo by Photo courtesy of McCade Gordon

Lexi Hansen (left) is an avid longboarder

Abbey Rindlishbacher, Staff Writer

2013 Bingham High School graduate Lexi Hansen was hit by a car while riding her longboard at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 26, 2014. At first sight police gave her a 0% chance of living, which was only to be raised to below 5% upon arriving at the hospital. As her struggle continued, however, she began to show significant progress.

Lexi is a fighter, and fought hard to make it through her injuries. While she was in a coma for several days, just four days after the accident she was alert for nearly an hour and signed her family, “I love you,” as they sang around her bed.

Since then Lexi has been finger writing her name and other words. On Monday, March 2, Lexi’s breathing tubes were removed and she has began speech and physical therapy.

Lexi’s determination to recover has been incredible. On Tuesday, March 3, she had even attempted to get out of bed on her own. Doctors are stunned by the progress she has made. KSL news reported Lexi’s mom stating, “Every doctor and nurse that comes in there, and therapist and whatever, they are just like, ‘You know this isn’t supposed to happen. You know we are calling her the miracle girl, right?’”

After everything that happened to Lexi, her recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Lexi was riding south on University Avenue and crossing Canyon Road when she was hit by the car turning right onto Canyon Road. She had headphones in her ears and wasn’t wearing a helmet while riding. Lexi’s legs were thrown from beneath her, sending her head straight for the car windshield, after which she was thrown some thirty feet from the crash site. At first it seemed she had no chance of survival. The doctors even told her parents to call the family to say their goodbyes, but Lexi proved them all wrong and continues to do so.

As for the driver, he has been dealing with a lot of guilt. The Daily Herald stated, “Lt. Matt Siufanua with the Provo Police Department said that it doesn’t appear as if speed, drugs, or distraction played any role in the accident and said it is unlikely any charges will be filed against the driver.” The incident was purely an accident. The Hansen family, realizing how much pain the driver was suffering as well, met with him over dinner where they expressed their love for him and let him know that they don’t want him to feel guilty.

Before the accident, Lexi had been majoring in communications at BYU. She aspires to be a motivational speaker one day. She was also an amazing student here at Bingham High School. Jeffrey Wang, junior class secretary, said, “She has always put her greatest effort into everything she does and never seems to not be smiling.” She has played violin for many years and performed in both her middle school and high school orchestras. She played tennis for the girls varsity team at Bingham and played Varsity 2nd Singles in her last high school season, and was a state finalist in 2011.

Lexi is a big fan of Bastille and loves music. She was also an employee at the Brick Oven for quite some time in high school. Lexi is very actively involved in her religion and is said to love her religion very much. She is known for being a very crazy, enthusiastic person who’s always looking to have fun. With all her involvements and work she has previously done, there is no doubt that she won’t let this trial stand in her way of accomplishing her dreams.

“Lexi was always there for everyone, whenever she saw someone in the hall she would always say ‘hi’ just to brighten up their day a little bit; she was just a little ray of sunshine,” said Parker Hansen, Lexi’s younger brother. “She was never negative about things.”

Lexi’s family has been keeping the community up-to-date on Lexi’s condition through her Facebook page “Pray for Lexi”.

The page has already received more than 15,000 likes. You too can stay up to date on Lexi’s progress and read of the miracles witnessed by the Hansen family by liking the page. The hashtag “#PrayForLexi” has also been used on Twitter to show support for both Lexi and the Hansen family.

The family thanks all those who have been praying, supporting, and fasting for Lexi and hopes for a quick recovery.