True Blue 2014

Bingham’s True Blue Fundraiser throughout December keeps the holiday spirits high.

According to the Bingham High school website, True Blue has been going on since the 1930’s. It’s a way for everyone to get their holiday spirit on. Every year new events are added, and an assembly is held to raise as much money as possible. All proceeds benefit different charities every year. This year it is benefitting the Make a Wish Foundation, Starlight Foundation, The Box House, and the District Education Foundation. Make a Wish Foundation is more widely known. According to, their website, it grants wishes to children with critical health conditions. The Starlight Foundation’s goal is to work with families and children around the world in improving better health and life for them.

The Box House is an organization that works towards helping children in abusive or neglecting homes, and preventing those situations all together. Their motto is “Every Child Deserves a Childhood.” The Christmas Box House specializes in helping children throughout Utah. It provides shelters, food, therapy, medical care, and more. The District Education Foundation is even more close to home; children and even teens our age get help from this foundation. It helps those in poverty or who have different needs. When you donate you’re even helping teens who go to this school.

Getting our True Blue spirit on involves decorating the school. Last year was Grinch themed, this year it’s Buddy the Elf themed. Every club who wanted to help was given a portion of the school to decorate. Thanks from all the clubs in the school we had the entire school decorated in two days!

Every day, throughout the month of December, there is a scheduled event the SBOs put together. With help of the staff, and enthusiastic students, True Blue ends up raising monumental amounts of donations.

A new event introduced this year is Penny Wars. Nothing brings the school together like making a Hunger Games out of donating. This new event has helped raise many donations, and most students consider it a fun contest of the grades.

Everyone really outdid themselves this year for the True Blue assembly; it was something you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. They had their beginning pep talk, and started things off with a relay race. The first job was to decorate a Christmas tree, the next wrap a present, eat cookies and milk, and finally wheel your team member a little ways down. There were many more exciting activities such as seeing Santa Claus, blindfolded musical chairs on yoga balls, and basketball battles between students and teachers. Right before lunch the most exciting event happened – the Hunger Games food fight, with tributes, one teacher, and a few game makers. The best part of this was that you could revive the friends you wanted to see win. Let’s just say it ended up a smelly mess, but all for the entertainment of Bingham.

The last few events were very well done also. The dodgeball match between students and teachers was quite entertaining. Even more entertaining was the coin search, a little kitty pool and the wrestlers. Priceless. To finish it off was bubble soccer, who doesn’t enjoy people running into each other, falling down, and then bouncing right back up.

Theatre helped also, as the improv show made quite a bit of money, which contributes to True Blue. The improv show has some hilarious students on their team, who went above and beyond this show. What more to say but horrible makeup on guys, marshmallow songs, fun games, habaneros, Nerf Guns, pie, and for the finale the boys Christmas dance they made all on their own.

True Blue is a reminder of what the holiday season is all about. If you need some help remembering go watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas. All True Blue donations are going to an excellent cause. Just think how far one dollar can go to help someone in need. So when you’re cuddling up by the fire this winter don’t fret that there’s no snow, and just remember all the people who are happy because of the help from True Blue.