What is going on with Mulligans?


Megan Hutchings, News Editor

The Mulligans golf course has been a popular attraction in South Jordan City for a very long time, and has recently been facing possible shutdown and closure, causing South Jordan residents to rise up in peaceful protests.

Over the last few years, the idea has been circulating around South Jordan city that the local golf course, Mulligans, could possibly be closed and be used  for commercial or residential uses. When the issue first arose, the plan was to build a new Hale Center Theatre in Mulligan’s place, but the location for that theatre was later moved to Sandy City, a neighboring city. However; not all of the residents in South Jordan are completely on board for the removal of Mulligans. A group of local residents have started a group known as Save Mulligans, to try to gain support of saving Mulligans. Recently a survey was sent to the majority of residents in South Jordan City to see what the residents of South Jordan really wanted to happen in relation to the fate of Mulligans. During a press conference with Julie Holbrook, president of Save Mulligans, she remarked that Mulligan’s fate should be decided by the residents of South Jordan City. The officials of South Jordan City have been very cooperative in listening to the residents of South Jordan in order to make sure that they are getting what they want and the outcome is what is really the best situation for South Jordan City.

For lots of people, Mulligans has played a large part of their lives. Mulligans has been a part of South Jordan City for over two decades, and for a lot of the older residents, they want to share Mulligans with both their children and grandchildren and give them the same experience that they had there as children. According to KSL news, more then 250,000 people visit Mulligans each year, so it is not lacking in visitors. Currently Mulligans contains several popular attractions including a miniature golf course, a driving range, a full golf course, and a putting course. Mulligans also provides a variety of lessons for anyone interested in learning how to golf.

Mulligans has been large part of South Jordan for many years, and residents are devastated that it could be coming to a close, but city officials are working to help make the best decision for South Jordan City.