State Prison Relocation

Spenser Potter, Staff Writer

The most dangerous prison in the United States according to a FullHD Documentary production, the Utah State Prison, has announced plans to relocate from its original site in Draper to an unknown location.  Several possible sites have been discussed and narrowed down to three locations in Salt Lake County, two in Utah County, and one in Tooele County according to the Prison Relocation Commision.  An estimated $1 billion is expected to be spent in relocating the prison.

The prison in Draper is being moved mostly because of the developed area around there.  Neighborhoods and cities have been built causing the area around to become more populated.  Many fear that the prison is a danger to the society that exists around them and want it in a more isolated location.  The challenge has now become trying to find a new location for it.  Of the six locations discussed as possible sites, almost all strongly oppose it.  In fact, according to, Saratoga Springs and West Jordan have announced that they are no longer offering up their sites for sale.  The other locations feel that the prison will bring nothing but negativity towards their communities.   The Prison Relocation Commission is considering all possible sites and is expected to settle on a decision in early 2015.

The members of the Prison Relocation Commission include Jerry W. Stevenson, Evan J. Vickers, and Karen Mayne.  The commission appears to meet about once a week.  Right now, the biggest challenge is figuring out where the new site will be.