70 Is The New 65

Braden Powell, Online Editor

70 is the new 65. The Utah Department of Transportation recently conducted a study that showed some sections of I-15 would benefit from a raise in speed limits. This year the legislature this passed a law allowing UDOT to raise speed limits up to 80 mph on interstates where it figures it is safe. UDOT raised some sections earlier this year to as high as 80 mph in rural areas. Now they are raising the speed limit from 65 to 70. This new speed limit will be in place from Ogden to Spanish Fork. It will also affect along I-215, and stretches of I-80 in the Salt Lake Valley. UDOT says on its website “Experience has shown that setting a speed limit at the ‘85th percentile speed’ (the speed not exceeded by 85% of the drivers) generally reflects the behavior of the majority of drivers and results in a safe and reasonable speed limit.” Meaning that the reason for these changes is that 85% of the drivers are not exceeding 70 miles per hour. UDOT believes these changes will create safer roads for everyone. So not only will roads be safer, but we can all drive a little faster now.