Choir Room Flooding

Megan Hutchings, News Editor

A few weeks ago, the Bingham music hall went through a minor scare when Mr. North, the new choir teacher here at Bingham, walked into the choir room in the morning only to find roughly two inches of water soaking the floor.
The water leakage not only caused minor damages to the carpet and chairs, but it also soaked a good amount of choral music that the choir classes have been collecting and archiving for the many years that they have been performing at Bingham. Most of it was able to be laid out to dry. After the leakage was looked at by professional workmen, it was determined that there was a problem with the pipes that was possibly caused because of the cold temperatures that the music hall constantly has. Temperatures in the music hall can get very cold during the winter months, and may have caused the water pipes to freeze over and then burst. When the pipes burst, this caused the ceilings to be filled with water and leak. The leakage continued into the orchestra/band room, though not as severe. Maintaining control of the water in the orchestra room only required a few buckets that were able to collect the water dripping from the ceiling until professionals arrived to take care of the problem. Plumbers worked in both the choir room and the orchestra room for several days while classes continued as normal until the problem was appropriately fixed. Mr. Thompson, the orchestra teacher remarked that, “I want our performances to be really nice, and they will be if we remained focused and put in the work.”    The water leakage also caused a putrid smell to linger in the music hall as the wet wood started to dry. Students continued to practice both singing and playing instruments to prepare for their performances despite having to constantly breath through their mouths. Despite any difficulties that the musicians at Bingham encounter, they just keep on going.