Bingham’s Got Talent


Megan Hutchings, News Editor

Everyone knows that Bingham has talent, and this incredible talent was demonstrated on Wednesday evening, March 11 when a group of Bingham High School students performed in the annual talent show.

True to past talent shows, the energy level was high, and the random jokes cracked by the MC, student body president Spencer Dunford, kept the audience laughing. There was a variety of talent that was performed, but the majority of the acts were vocal. Based on the performances, there are several possible future American Idol or Broadway stars roaming the halls here at Bingham High School. A few of these singing performances included “Don’t Rain on my Parade” from the musical Funny Girl, and “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical Les Miserables. In addition to the beautiful vocals that were presented, there were also amazing piano performances worthy of Beethoven, and a yo-yo routine that captured the audience’s attention and got them cheering.

This year’s talent show was different than previous years in that it was held after school in the evening rather than during the day. In different years, the talent show was split into a first half and a second half, and then the students were divided into two different assemblies for the students to attend. In past years, students have complained about not being able to view all of the performances of the talent show because of the assembly schedule, so this year, the administration decided that it might be more beneficial to move the talent show to a time after school so that the students could come and view the whole performance. This way, the students wouldn’t miss their friend’s performances that they wanted to see. While this change appeased many students, there were also several students that were upset by the change because they were not able to attend any of the performances due to other conflicts. High school students have a lot of responsibilities that they have to take care of such as work, homework, or sports teams, and so many students were not able to attend any of the talent show this year.

The attendance of this year’s talent show was affected by the change in time. Although there was a good amount of people who attended the talent show, a large portion of them were parents, siblings, and grandparents rather than students. The amount of people who participated in the talent show also appeared as if it had significantly decreased. The entire talent show lasted for about an hour and fifteen minutes, while in past years it has stretched on for hours.

However; despite the changes of the talent show this year, the talent was not at all affected. The performances by the Bingham High students still inspired awe among the audience and represented the Bingham High School student body beautifully.