Unified Soccer

Mini Tupai, Staff Writer

Captains: Josh Rothey
Jared Snarr
Special Ed. Athletes: Josh Rothey
Jared Snarr
Alexis Martin
Alex Cox
Sidney Strachen
Timothy Carrol
Robert Salazar
General Ed. Athletes: Ellie Blackhurst
Mini Tupai
Kyle Holtry
Marina Macbeth
CJ Rowly
Karlie Christiansen

Unified on the field and in our lives
By Mini Tupai

Bingham High School’s Unified soccer team took third place this year at their end of season tournament! Opening ceremonies began with the unified march were we all march in a parade together before we start playing in the tournament. After the first six games against schools like Tooele, Alta, Wasatch, Brighton, and others we went confidently to hillcrest on Saturday, May 2, 2015.
After playing neck and neck for the first three quarters, we were tied and in the last seconds of the game Wasatch scored on us winning, and moving on in the bracket. During our games the Special Ed. Students did incredibly well passing and stealing the ball, Alex Cox, Sidney Strachen, Robert Salazar, and alexis martin all did well in being able to driblle the ball down the field and passing to one of our athletes to score! Timothey Carol held our defense together by being our goalie for most of our games, taking a hit for the team at times. During the second game against Skyview, Josh Rothey scored in the first half, and he was so excited after we were cheering so loudly he cartwheeled as they started again. Josh Rothey scored again in the second half of the game. Sky view caught up in the third quarter, but Mini Tupai also scored, and we held the defense well in the last quarter. We won our last game of the season putting us in third place. We received third place overall and a got bronze medals. The special needs kids had so much fun participating and learning how to work together and play soccer.
The general ed. students took time to learn how to help and teach the special ed. athletes to play and have good sportsmanship. This season over all has been a success simply in the relations we created with each other, and how much we learned all together. This amazing program is for the student athletes that are special needs, and for those who are general education athletes to earn and grow friendships and unity on the field so that we can all become unified in our lives. While participating and playing against other unified teams from around the valley and farther, they create lasting friendships with not only team mates, but with students from other teams! This season went incredibly well with our team working together to bring unity to our schools, our sports, and our lives.