Parking Permit 101

Kelsey Heffernan, Staff Writer

On August 17th, 2015, hundreds of Bingham High School juniors camped outside the doors of Bingham with hopes to get a parking permit for the upcoming school year. “I woke up at 5:00 AM to wait in line for a spot. The wait felt endless, but at least I got a parking permit!” said Bingham High School junior, Gabbi Shumway.

But what is the big deal? Didn’t everyone get a parking permit last year?

Well yes, they may have gotten a permit, but that was no guarantee to get a spot.

Vice Principle Hughes said, “Last year we oversold, and as a result the parking lot was a mess. It was chaotic! There were so many tickets and we couldn’t defend it”.

Hughes said that this year Bingham decided to avoid the many complications of previous years and sell a limited 580 spaces, unlike the 1,100 that were sold last year. With less parking permits, students are more likely to find a parking spot. Seniors also had a priority time to purchase their parking permits, and the remaining spots went to juniors on a first come first serve basis.

To any juniors and seniors who did not get a parking permit, it may seem like you will be parking on the infamous “Sophomore Lane” all year. However, there may be hope! “We are looking at possibly opening more spots. I have noticed empty spaces, so we are having those discussions” said Hughes. As you can see, the administration is being very careful not to oversell again.

Any student who parks on campus without a parking permit will be issued a ticket of $25.00, and after three tickets your car will be booted.

Bingham High School’s parking lot has much less space to offer than other high schools of its size, and the administration is doing their best to accommodate all the students who would like to park at school.