New Faces, New Teachers

Alli Jensen, Staff Writer

A new school year comes with new faces for both students and teachers. Here on the Prospector, we’re going to help you get to know some of the new teachers here at Bingham.  Mr. Hanselman teaches physics here at Bingham after transferring from his job at Bonanza High school in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hanselman comes from Ankeny, Iowa, just 20 minutes north of Des Moines. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Northern Iowa, and he hopes to eventually attended Utah State University and earn his masters and Ph. D in either Physics Education or a certain Physics Field. Hanselman’s first teaching job was last year at Bonanza High school.

“Something I hope my students learn is that physics is in literally every single thing that they do in life and just have a better understanding of the world around them,” Hanselman said. Hanselman’s favorite part of the job is getting to know the students. He is dedicated to their education and learning.

As a teacher, Hanselman has earned some embarrassment from his students. Last year while attempting to draw a vinyl record on the board, Hanselman said, “Let’s just say a student blurted out thinking it was something completely different.”

In his free time, Hanselman’s enjoys playing sports, mostly basketball, or going on hikes with his dog Montgomery. Hanselman enjoys traveling as well. In high school, he traveled to Belgium and France, and last year he went to Portland for spring break.