TV in the Hallway

Alexis Hansen and Mackaylee Cudworth

Four years ago, Bingham purchased televisions that were installed this year that will serve to students the information that they need for different activities happening throughout the year.

Mr. Lavin, the TV broadcasting teacher in charge of this, said, “It is a good thing. The more information there is, the better.” However, there has been some disagreement between the students because of assumptions made. Thinks like it’s just for sports, it costs a lot of money, and there’s no need for this. For now, a lot of the attention is paid to the sports teams. This is, in part due to the fact that things are still getting settled as it is the beginning of the year. Coach Lambourne said, “I can see it benefiting all students, not just one specific group or team. My only hope is that someone doesn’t get left out”

As the year goes on, Mr. Lavin will be taking requests from clubs and teams to put them up in front of everyone. In fact, he had recently been working on putting up a slide show given to him by the PTSA. He said, “Anyone can use it”. This will benefit the school in ways that intercom announcements couldn’t accomplish.

If this is benefiting the school financially, Lavin isn’t sure. However, he can see that, in the future, putting up advertisements may profit the school. The school spent $10,000 on this project with a yearly fee attached. So, Lavin sees this as an opportunity to get a partial of that money back.

There have been issues concerning whether or not these TVs could get vandalized. Mr. Lavin had assured us that there are cameras surrounding all areas where these TVs are found. Whoever does anything will be caught. Lavin has found that some students play with the receivers, and is now working on stopping it.