Foreign Exchange Student

Kameron Nuttall, Staff Writer

Before the year began, Rasmus Jessen made the decision to become a foreign exchange student here in
the United States to learn something new and exciting. Rasmus Jessen is originally from Denmark and
was interested in America’s culture and its history and to also speak more fluently in English.
His first day here in America he definitely experienced culture shock, especially when it came with our
school. He said “I had a vision it would be a lot like High School Musical”. He was really surprised of how
much pride we have being part of a school and its community and how much it shows in our students,
especially when it comes to sports. He was happy to find how many opportunities to express yourself
with so many clubs and the languages you can learn here. Another thing that surprised him was the
culture and how it’s almost completely different to what he is used to. For example, there is always
something to do when it comes to school, whether it’s homework, meeting up with a club, or going to a
sporting event.
When it comes to the English language it came easy to him, thanks to all the traveling he has done
growing up. When he first moved here and had settled in, he started to miss his family and friends back

in Denmark. Now thanks to the wonderful family he is staying with and the student and teachers here at
Bingham, he feels very welcomed and at home here and said “It has been a wonderful experience, and I
would definitely recommend it if someone interested”.
So Bingham, feel free to say hi to Rasmus and any other new students here at our school and show them
what it feels like to be a proud Miner and to be part of the Bingham High School family.