The Center of Bingham’s Technology

Autumn Thatcher, Sports Editor

Bingham High School revolves around our wireless routers and computer labs. The
technology available to the Bingham student body and faculty doesn’t function on its
own.  We can thank one man here at Bingham for keeping everything running smoothly,
Jeff Mackay.
Mackay has been a miner here at Bingham for a long time.  In fact he’s been helping
evolve our technology into what it is now since 1998. “I was Booster Club president for
six years, and then I got corralled into helping out with this technology,” said Mackay.
Although most teenagers in this generation are technology savvy, the average teen
here at Bingham has nothing on Jeff. He has been in the technology business since
1972, so he has seen everything from the computers that took up whole rooms, to the
smartphones we have now. “It [technology] just comes natural to me,” said Mackay.
Before Mackay came to Bingham High, he worked as a self-employed contract
programmer for 25 years. Out of high school, Mackay had a full ride scholarship to the
University of Utah playing football. “I blew up my knee. I was going to play professional
ball, but that dream didn’t work out,” said Mackay.
After his football dreams at the University of Utah didn’t work out, Mackay tried hanging
dry wall for about a year. “I decided that [hanging drywall] was going to make me an old
man in a hurry,” said Mackay. He then found a computer school to attend, and as
Mackay said, “It just clicked!”
When asked about Bingham’s technology specifically, Mackay said, “It’s a forty year old
building trying to adapt constantly to technology developed.” While Mackay has been a
part of the Bingham community the building has gone through several remodels and the
change from wires to wireless. He described making the building wireless as a
“monumental task.”
One thing that Mackay loves about his job is that every day he faces new unique
challenges. Our school is always faces new problems with our technology, and he is the
person that fixes it. He really likes how it’s not a routine job. He also really enjoys the
student body and being involved with the school. “Being around the student’s keeps me
young,” he said.
Bingham runs on our wireless routers and our computer labs. Without Jeff Mackay, our
students, faculty, and administrators would have a really difficult time creating a great
learning environment.