The Stop Light

Mitch Potter, Staff Writer

Bingham High School is getting a stop light at the rear parking lot next year. MacKenzie Garrison contacted city officials to make students’ voice heard about the safety of Bingham High School’s back parking lot issues. A parent helped MacKenzie propose many ideas to resolve the issue including stop signs, stop lights, and even an extra exit from the parking lot.

The speed bumps were installed (the parent’s idea) due to a speeding incident in the parking lot. However, multiple students, including MacKenzie who were for the stop light, believe the speed bumps serve no purpose and definitely do not solve the safety issue posed when leaving the parking lot. Mayor David Alvord was contacted about the back parking lot issues. He said, “Lights can take away the chaos and lower the rate of accidents.” The traffic has been evaluated by officials and is deemed unsafe, so there will be action taken to fix all the problems.

The concerns do not only include Bingham students however, which is another the reason for the light. Residents are concerned about speed traps and traffic jams, and middle school students that are traveling across the parking lot entrance, and they need protection as well. This also means we have more people joining our cause for a safer way to travel through the parking lot.

Many young drivers are also posing the question about a solution that will be good enough for inexperienced drivers to make their way home safely. The best solution is the traffic light according to Assistant City Engineer Shane Greenwood. “It was approved just on Monday[May 9, 2016],” he said. Originally projected to be installed in four years, the deadline for the project has been moved up to this summer “so that way we are not disrupting school when it is in session,” said Greenwood.

There are high hopes that this traffic light will eliminate most, if not all problems, that the students have when entering or exiting the back parking lot. Lizzie Ruelle said, “I think it’s a good thing… because coming out of that ramp I see some people making scary decisions.” Administrators are also excited about the improvement. Mr. Bryan Veazie said, “Anything in the best interest of the students [that] increases the likelihood of our ability to guarantee the safety is good for Bingham and the community.”