Hurricane Matthew

Kaley Lacey, Social Media Manager

A powerful storm hit the southeast United States, Haiti, and Cuba. Hurricane Matthew made a landfall in South Carolina and the storm devastated the Caribbean. Also,  Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas were hit killing 33 people in the United States. Before the storm hit America it hit Haiti, killing over 800 people, leaving others in need of housing and doctors.
    According to CNN, the Carolinas had falling trees and some roads were impassible because of the storm. Natalie Marsden, a sophomore at Bingham was asked what she thinks is the best thing we can do for the Carolinas, she says, “Help clean up and rebuild if needed, and provide resources the people lack.” We need to share what we feel we need to do and go do it. WNCN says that residents got back to their homes a few days ago and they are still cleaning up and people are still lined up at the red cross trucks for food.
    Fortunately not many things were destroyed in the United States. However, Haiti was destroyed pretty badly. CNN also says, many of people were killed, homes were lost, and people were injured. Haiti is one of the most poorest countries in the world and for them to be hit by a hurricane right now is not helping their cause. According to Unicef, Samot Carrefour Community School kept 140 people in Haiti sheltered during the hurricane and they’re still caring for people now.
The effect Hurricane Matthew has on Haiti is not good, and the United States is donating and sending organizations like the American Red Cross down there to help Haiti. Gabby Lowder, a sophomore at Bingham says, “ I think that we need to provide Haiti with their basic needs right now, while we are doing this we also need to teach them to help themselves because they are still a developing country. But they also will need some basic help, because if we were struck by a hurricane that did that much damage, we would expect other countries to help us out like we help Haiti.”
    After hitting Haiti, Hurricane Matthew’s strong winds pound on Cuba, but leaving Haiti destroyed. After Cuba it hits the Bahamas. The storm caused harsh winds and it left Cuba and the Bahamas beaten. When it hit Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas the United States gets Florida prepared for a big storm.