Starlight Halloween Party

Alexis Hansen, Art Editor

From what started out as just a suggestion to hold a fun party for a foster care program such as Starlight to what turned out to be the spookiest of Halloween festivity, Bingham student body officers really put forth all their effort to give these kids a great time. Starlight kids gathered together on October 24th in the school cafeteria for a celebration full of fun activities. There were things like pumpkin painting, games, a Super Smash Brothers tournament, and even a full blown spook alley crafted from lunch tables and spider webs.

Just by walking in, you could see kids playing in friendly competition and getting creative with their pumpkin decorating. The spook alley was a definite win for the night as the children set aside their fears to conquer this scary attraction. One foster girl said, “It was kinda weird and really scary being in there but I made it out!”

The Starlight Program is an agency/organization that takes kids from the Department of Child and Family Services who are referred to them. They’re given a list of what treatment is necessary for each child and find them a home that fit those criteria. They also gather the kids together for special events like what our school did.

This is Bingham’s first year doing a Halloween party for Starlight Foster Care. When asked about her favorite part, junior class SBO Jillian Jarvis said, “When the kids walked in, you could see their eyes get really wide.” And from there, the night got better and better as the kids got into the Halloween spirit with all the dancing, decorating, playing and spooking. With it being a major success, it will continue to be a thing for the children to look forward to in addition to going to Temple Square in December. In fact, the reason for why this was put on by the SBOs was because of their experiences interacting with the kids in the past. And they would like to continue doing so for years to come