Your Vote Counts

Jessie Melton, Online Editor

Local and State elections often get ignored in the midst of the glamour of the presidential election. They don’t get the same attention or press of the national election. Many voters are not aware of these elections and what candidates and issues will be on the ballot. State and local elections more directly affect people’s lives. In an interview with Lt. Governor, Spencer Cox about the upcoming election in Utah, said, “The most important elections are here at home.” People should get informed and get out and vote for their state and local leaders.

A common phrase this election has been “I am so upset about the presidential candidates, so I’m not voting.” The irony of this statement is that being upset about the presidential election should give people all the more reason to get out and vote for their Congressmen, their governors, and their mayors. Lt. Governor Cox said, “These two presidential candidates are the most unpopular candidates we’ve seen….which makes the other races even more important, because they act a check on the president’s power.” If you were concerned about the outcome of the presidential election all the more reason to get out and vote for your State and local leaders.

The Lt. Governor is in charge of the election here in Utah and has done a lot to raise awareness for these state and local elections. There has been an ad campaign in order to do this. There have been increases in billboards and computer ads to get people informed about leaders and issues that will be on the ballot in addition to the president.

In order to get more informed the Lt. Governor suggests people visit There they can quickly learn who and what will be on the ballot and become acquainted with local candidates and issues.

Whether or not you’re feeling upset about the current Presidential race, there is another way to let your voice be heard. There is nowhere that your vote matters more than in the elections happening right around you. You could really be an advocate for something you believe in, despite what is happening on the large scale. You can be guaranteed that a vote in your state and locally will matter, and will have the power to influence things directly relating to you and nationally. The next time an election comes around, get informed and get out and vote. Your voice is important.