Sterling Scholars

Kelsey Heffernan , Social Media Manager

Being selected as a Sterling Scholar is one of the greatest recognitions a Bingham student can receive. It is almost impossible to make it through three years at Bingham and not hear about Sterling Scholars, yet there are many people who do not know what a sterling scholar even is.

It is important that students know what it takes to become a Sterling Scholar before senior year comes around. To be a Sterling Scholar, you are graded on your overall grades, community service, and leadership.

“If you are a sophomore or junior and you know you want to become a Sterling Scholar, ask yourself, ‘What can I do to develop leadership skills? What clubs can I join? How can I reach out to my community? How can I take part in True Blue?’” said head of Sterling Scholars, Mr. Barton, “That way when you become a senior, you already have a portfolio of community service and leadership.”

The purpose of Sterling Scholars is not just scrambling to put together a portfolio a month before the application is due. The purpose is to work on your portfolio throughout your entire high school experience and become the best student you can be.

Sterling Scholars are selected through an application process and each academic department selects students as nominees and finalists for Sterling Scholars.

“Good students create portfolios, and this is a way of honoring students who have dedicated their lives to learning and doing something great in an area,” said Mr. Barton.

Sterling Scholars may not be for everyone, but it is for students who are focused on a specific area or subject. The perfect example of a sterling scholar is a student who has found their calling in life and they refine their craft and become better.

“They go out into the world and are writing books, working for the library, doing science experiments, volunteering at the university, and doing community service,” said Barton. “It is beyond just being a ‘smart kid’; it’s being a smart kid that’s also an active part of the community.”

These students are an important aspect of our generation and kids who are smart and involved will be the next leaders of the world. Every student should want to strive to be this type of student

The Sterling Scholar categories are English, Math, Social Sciences, Science, World Languages, Computer Technology, Skilled and Technical Sciences Education, Family and Consumer Science, Business and Marketing Education, Speech, Theater and Forensics, Vocal Performance, Visual Arts, Instrumental Music, and Dance.