True Blue 2016

Mitch Potter, Online Editor

True Blue is a tradition here at Bingham that goes back to the Great Depression. Though not always called True Blue, it has grown into a widespread fundraiser that not only the school participates in, but also the community.

This year, Bingham High will be donating to a number of charities including Make A Wish, an organization that will grant children’s wishes who have life-threatening illnesses, Jordan Education Foundation, a group that raises money for the benefit of students in Jordan School District, and the Starlight Foundation, which is a charity that provides education and entertainment for seriously ill children in the United States. Bingham does not have a monetary goal set. The main focus, according to the Student Body Officers, this year is service. While it is all about raising money, this year they want to have record setting turnout at the service activities.

Just as it has been in years past, True Blue has quite a bit of activity for the whole student body to participate in. The first activity we saw this year was Deck the Halls. This was where each club decorated a part of one of the hallways here at Bingham. The next day when everyone arrived at school, the whole place was decorated setting the scene for the kick-off assembly on that Tuesday.

When asked what is so special about True Blue, SBO of Service Kenzie Dunford said, “The feeling you get after you serve. The school gets a little closer and we become more unified to help the community.”

Last year, Bingham was able to grant the wish of a young girl named Lulu. Her wish was to go to Disney World and to swim with the dolphins. Since then, Lulu’s condition has improved and she is doing much better.

Bingham will be making another child’s wish come true this year. Her name is Addie Watrous. Addie was diagnosed sometime back with a terminal illness. She has recurring brain tumors in her head. Her current treatments that she receives cost $10,000 a month. Because of this, Bingham will try to help out this little girl and to help her family out both financially and emotionally.

One of the most popular activities that Bingham does is Squad Jobs. This is where students who have volunteered to do so will head out in groups to local neighborhoods where they will perform tasks and chores for individuals and in return, they will donate to True Blue.

Students tend to call squad jobs a favorite of theirs and when asked about it, they could not say nearly enough. Tyler Rowe said “My friends pressured me into going,” and it was “awesome.” Nicole Sutton said they “Helped a lady break down 2,000 boxes in her house.” Burk Allman said, “it was a moving experience.”

Getting involved in True Blue this year is something we all should do. It is a moving experience not only for us but for those we will help out.