Sterling Scholar


Photo by Kallie Brown

Kallie Brown, A&E Editor


Callie Avondet is one of the top 25 policy debaters in the state of Utah, earning special distinction from the National Speech and Debate Association. This is her second year as Bingham’s policy debate captain. Whenever she reads, Callie connects literary themes to philosophies. She wants to study sociology in college to help accomplish her dream of running non-profit education.


Spencer Halls has found a love of mathematics– something most high schoolers could never comprehend. After testing well in 6th grade, he decided that math was his calling, and ran with it. In every math class he has taken, he has kept a test average of 96%, and scored a 35 in the math section of the ACT. He sees financial statistics in his future.

Social Sciences

Justin Ockey has toured the country and even the world in his pursuit of social studies. Ockey attended the World Scout Jamboree in Yamaguchi, Japan, and the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima’s atomic bombing. His parents introduced him to the fascinating side of history, helping him to realize a hidden passion. He particularly loves to study the Civil War period– his favorite movie is Gettysburg and Lincoln is his favorite president. He hopes to use knowledge of the past to fix problems in our present.


Sanila Math has a passion for medicine and science, blending perfectly into a desire to study medicinal sciences. She has taken the initiative to search for research opportunities that aren’t always offered to high schoolers, including attending JATC. She wants to continue evolving medicinal studies and may go into healthcare in her future.

World Language

Britney Chen has spent her time, both at home and school, learning Mandarin Chinese. Last summer, she traveled to Taiwan to study at the National Taipei University of Education for cultural immersion. She lived with her aunt and uncle during the trip and was proud to be able to speak to them in their native language. She wants to continue studying Chinese and its culture in college.

Computer Tech

Meet Mackenzie Evans, SkillsUSA President, and Regional Competition organizer. She is certified in Photoshop and Dreamweaver and will continue learning about the constantly evolving computer science era. She already has an internship at Monte Vista elementary school and where she updates and maintains their website.


Kyle Scott has studied both web design and engineering at the JATC. He has completed two internships as well and is the person in charge of Bingham’s website. He attributes some of his successes to his father’s work with Skyline and is excited to pioneer the future of mechanical engineering.


Rachel Murdock’s passion for Family and Consumer Sciences has driven her to speak with Mia Love’s and Orrin Hatch’s staffs about the importance of FACS in schools. She is the vice president of membership for Utah’s chapter of FCCLA. Her plans for the future involve education, with her desire to graduate with a master’s degree.

Business and Marketing

Ashton Wade is only a high school senior, but he already has investments in the stock market and in his family’s real estate business. As a sophomore, he qualified for FBLA’s national competition– the only sophomore from Bingham. He also qualified his junior year. Simply put, Ashton does it “for the money”.


Brenden Ballard has been involved in theatre since middle school. His leading roles have included Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast) as a freshman and Daniel (Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) as a sophomore. He was also a dance captain in this year’s Shrek: The Musical. He is president of the Ballroom team and the Golden Gate club, as well as vice president of the 5-6-7-8 Dance club.

Visual Arts

Wendy Hoang has always pushed herself to constantly improve– just take a look at her schedule. She has five AP classes total (including AP Drawing and AP 2D Design) and two concurrent classes. She is one of the lucky few artists at Bingham who receive the honor of a Principal’s Purchase. Someday, she hopes to apply her studies to become a video game artist.

Instrumental Music

Brooklyn Fagergren’s love of the violin began when she was four years old. Over the course of her life, she has put in thousands of hours of practice, rehearsals, and performances. She earned superior ratings at Federation a total of 11 years, topping it off recently with the reception of the Grand Trophy. She has been featured in State Buzz magazine for her spectacular performances.

Vocal Music

Dillan Burnett considers being named the Vocal Performance Sterling Scholar as his greatest accomplishment to date. He has taken every opportunity to showcase his talent in Bingham’s choirs as both a Madrigal and a member of the Choir Council. He loves performances such as Concerto Night and festivals, where he can sing with his friends as well as in the spotlight.


Jenna Reid has dedicated her life to dancing ever since she was four. Now, she’s the co-vice president of Dance Company. Outside of school, she has been a lead in Rocky Mountain’s ballets and attended multiple dance camps. Her list of awards includes soloist, duet, showmanship, and technique. She isn’t quite sure how she’s going to dance in the future– college team, professional company, as a major– but she knows that she will always keep learning and growing.