Hope Week

Hold On. Persuade. Empower. H.O.P.E.

According to the Utah Department of Health, suicide was the leading cause of death in kids 10-17 here in Utah in 2015. In response to the overwhelming number of suicides “Hope Squads” were formed to raise awareness and combat teen suicides in their cities and schools.

Like others around the state, the Hope Squad here at Bingham spends time throughout the year to learn about the dangers of teen depression as well as how to help prevent suicide. Their main goal is to be a source of comfort and trust for students who need help or someone to talk to; but the during the first full week of February they also work to educate the rest of the school on these topics, as well as general kindness.

Beginning on February 5th by handing out hugs and chocolate kisses before school, “Hope Week” will be in full swing. The purpose of Hope Week is to spread awareness about the dangers of suicide and depression, make the Hope Squad more recognizable to the student body, and, if nothing else, brighten up your week. Students can participate in Hope Week through many activities.

On Tuesday, February 5th Bingham students will have the opportunity to write words of kindness to their peers during lunch that will be delivered to them later. The purpose of this is to pay compliments to people who might need some extra cheering up – even if you have to do it anonymously.

The following night, February 6th, the squad will be hosting a movie night in the Bingham cafeteria. Come with your friends, your sweetheart’s date, or by yourself to watch the movie Trolls, eat some good desserts, and meet new friends!

On Thursday,  members of the Hope Squad are asking the student body to wear purple, to raise awareness for teen suicide and support for those who struggle with depression.

While this will be the only week the Hope Squad hosts activities and is in front of the school, they are always here! If you’re struggling, want someone to talk to, or just need a new friend, the Hope Squad is here; don’t be afraid to reach out!