Alumni Foundation


Photo by Marissa Jolley

Lighting the B

Rachel Van Leeuwen, Opinion Editor

From 1908 to 2018, Bingham High School students have graduated and moved on to bigger and better things.

In our school hymn, it states, “We’ll always remember.” After we’ve graduated, how do we remember our years at Bingham? Generations of Bingham graduates have asked this question and come up with one answer: participating in the Alumni Foundation.

The Alumni Foundation is a group of Bingham graduates who work together to remember Bingham’s past, celebrate Bingham’s current accomplishments, and plan for the future of the school. You may have heard of the Alumni Foundation last year when they presented 13 scholarships to graduating seniors. According to the Alumni Foundation’s website, “Contributions of over $20,000 were received this past year to fund scholarships for these outstanding Bingham seniors.” Fifteen hundred dollars were awarded to each student, and each scholarship was named after a member of the Alumni Foundation.

Whitewashing the “B” in Copperton has been a long-standing tradition preserved by the Alumni Foundation. Starting back up in 2016, Bingham students volunteered to go to Copperton, passing the original land for Bingham High School on their way. Once there, they clear the foliage that has grown over the past year, move the rocks so that the lines of the “B” are straight, and paint the “B” with whitewash so it can clearly be seen. Typical of Bingham students, a little bit of play follows their hard work and the students cover each other head to toe in whitewash.

During homecoming week, the Alumni Foundation accomplished a goal they’ve been working on for a long time: lighting the Bingham “B” in Copperton. Announcing the event, the Bingham Alumni Facebook page said, “We will be streaming the pep rally, the band playing, the Madrigals singing, the introduction of those instrumental in completing the project, and culminating with the “B” being lit for the first time since it was first constructed in 1927!” Bingham Alumni have donated to this project to ensure that the “B” is lit up when Bingham wins a game.

Although you might not have known about the Alumni Foundation, they work hard to ensure Bingham’s traditions and reputations are upheld. When our three years at Bingham are up, consider joining the Alumni Foundation and working to “always remember in May and September: Bingham High as our happiest years.”